Events ticketing.

Digital Challenges for online events reported that mobile commerce growth is expected to exceed $500 billion sales by 2017 and the value of mobile commerce transactions conducted via mobile handsets and tablets will exceed £3.2 trillion also by 2017. Mobile ticketing is becoming more popular because of its simplicity of use. Compared to purchasing tickets in a traditional way, mobile ticketing is accessible everywhere in the world thanks to Internet. With only one click, people are able to buy tickets to see their favourite band.

What does it mean for event industry?

Online ticketing is the easiest way for event managers to control, manage and influence ticket sales throughout the lifetime of an event. To do it effectively, event industry has to create simple and clear instructions of the ticket websites, so they could be more accessible for the broader group of audience. All of this it to avoid the issue when the mobile app causes problems and it is too difficult for average consumers to use. Statistics show that if the mobile site is not working properly, 46% of respondents will not return again. Taking into consideration the fact that 25% of all transactions are made via mobile, 46% seems to be quite substantial.

It’s all about attracting more and more customers instead of discouraging them with a complicated mobile app. More and more events accept mobile tickets at the gates. Therefore, for me as a future event manager and event industry, is important to follow technological trends and be flexible and ready for changes. For example, paper tickets are now becoming less and less popular and are less sustainable than their online ticket friends.

Mobile tickets allow event organisations to collect personal data about attendees such as age, gender, interests and purchase history, all for marketing purposes. Additionally, mobile tickets can engage fans via loyalty programmes or with any potential awards from participating at the events, so customers could collect points in order to win a free ticket for an event or free food.

However, there are some negative aspects of mobile ticketing. The first one is a risk that all personal information can be used by fraudulent websites. The good solution for protecting your personal data is to use special payment apps that don’t save your card details and are not shared with the app such as Apple Pay.

Another issue is a secondary ticket market and websites that sell invalid tickets. There is no legislation about re-selling tickets (except football tickets for a particular match), and because of it problems with unscrupulous practices, a lack of transparency and fraud arise. Customers must know who are they buying from. Also, fake tickets cause crowd control issues as people may think that they can turn up at a particular event without a ticket and purchase one from a tout. It has to be considered that the most of primary tickets go to sponsors or partners.  As a result, tickets are not made available to the public and this restricts access to fans. It forced people to set prices generally about 100%-200% above the face value. This can lead that people will seek for cheaper tickets on a street from tickets trout, so the change must come from fans and performers.

For event industry and for my future career this topic may be problematic. Industry must need to develop and adapt new and sustainable technologies and services with customer demands to make them more accessible. Events industry must be aware of the problem of payment methods as they are major issues. Offering risk free mobile payment apps and being compatible with the newest technology can make a huge difference when it comes to customer satisfaction. This problem affects the event industry as it can damage the reputation of the event organisation and ticket selling platforms as well as a whole event career. So using the right event ticketing platform or company is crucial to provide the most affordable ticket prices. It’s all about building a trusting relationship with your customers and making sure they will return so the ticket sales can be increased.



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